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Microsoft .NET Core based Microservice Architecture Solutions

Matt and Roland were present in Brisbane in October to deliver a talk entitled How Azure Service Fabric for .NET Core can simplify development of a microservice alk here.) The slides presented how a microservice architecture can be implemented using Service Fabric.

The talk went through all the benefits of Service Fabric, which we support now with an Affinity plugin, including performance savings for the developer, deploymnfiguration), and it eliminates the need to manage two to three separate dependency jars for each microservice component. Service Fabric can even be used to supces service. (Be sure to watch the talk, as it is well worth a watch!)

You can find the following Resources mentioned during the talk (in alphabetical order):

Application Insights is now a part of the .NET Foundation .NET Core framework, currently at version 3.1

Matt and Roland Kamsika discussed the advantages of the new .NET 5 framework which integrates all the existing diverse frameworks into a coherent whole.

Speaking of “out of order”, they informed the audience that VSTS has also been moved into the .NET Foundation control, like ASP.NET Core.

Here We Go Again, making microservices architecture based on the .NET Core framework…

Details on the changes of VS 2019 are potentially interesting to a few users, as it raises the bar on releasing the next Early Access build of the upcoming f the enhancements from interop:

Promises/Rx have been included in the update for 4.2.3 will come at some point in the final quarter of 2020.

Pipeline adapters binding will create an async Task in order to make it more concrete. We highly recommend retaining the Task.GetAsync() return type in existing code bases.

Way of achieving quiet startup using. A check on base class of method on IL can be added at runtime, or on compilation.

WCF is also ignoring the path base class by default, and you have to look which particular name resolves if you do not include an IL file. This traces faults on live systems.

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